MRC Edu Games

MRC Spelling Game

MRC BRAND NEW SPELLING GAME APP is exclusively designed for 3 to 10 years old students!! The app is packed with fun and easy spelling games to build kids' confidence.

It also provides engaging word recognition games to enhance children's memory skills and strengthen their 9 multiple intelligences.

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MRC Adventure Game

MRC - SMM Adventure Game with the objective of "learn thru play, play thru learn", the game serve an excitement and enjoyable experience for our kindergarten student aged 4 - 6 years old.

MRC - SMM Adventure is able to enhance our education skills called SMM Methodology. Besides, they able to gain knowledge, fine motor skills, & strengthen player's memories.

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JSP Interactive Comic

Introducing MRC JSP Interactive Comic leverage the reading experience to a whole new level!

Exclusively designed for JSP Students only!
This app is filled with interactive and interesting quizzes to enhance children's High Order Thinking Skills (HOT) & problem solving skills.

This app is rich in fun & interesting comics which students will be required to interact in order to further explore the stories.

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