MRC-SMM Adventure Game with the objective of "learn thru play, play thru learn", the game serve an excitement and enjoyable experience for our kindergarten student aged 4 - 6 years old.

MRC-SMM Adventure is able to enhance our education skills called SMM Methodology. Besides, they able to gain knowledge, fine motor skills, & strengthen player's memories.


Fun & Engaging Word Searching Game

Experience the adventre map of SMM world whereby you earn gold & experience to level up your character by defeating Super Memory Map Creatures.

By using word crossing game play, student are able to focus to find the correct answers.

Sharpen English Subject

The game is exclusive for 3Q Kindergarten, 100% parallel with 3Q English syllabus content.

It's encouraging student who study 3Q English syllabus, to make revision with this game app.

It further enhance their vocabulary & spellings.

Unique Super Memory Map Methodology

By deliver Super Memory Map Skills, student had deeper memory towards the keyword they learn in the classroom.

To increase the difficulties of the game, the game introduce new bosses whereby never encounter or learn in the syllabus before!